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My name is Michael Ford and I built a successful business on eBay by NOT doing what everyone else recommends.

Do you want to know the real secrets to a successul auction? An auction that does not just sell but actually makes you money? Do you post auctions and think you made a successful sale because someone was high bidder? That is what many mis-guided Power Sellers believe. They close ten, twenty, one hundred auctions a day and they lose money on every one without realizing that they could have received a higher final bid with some simple changes to their auction.

I will tell you the secrets that none of the eBay authors will even talk about. I can show you why you should never buy from a reserve price auction and why you are driving away bidders if you use reserve prices when you are a seller. I can show you why you should never pay extra for insurance as a buyer. I can show you how to make 10 to 100 times the money you made in the auction from the same customer.

It is also important to know how scams work for both buyers and sellers. No other author will tell you how scams on eBay work or how you easily avoid them because they don't know themselves what the answer is. As a buyer or seller you must know how to avoid both professional criminals and problem sellers or problem buyers.

I am opening my black book of secrets and I will show you everything I learned in my ten year eBay career. Why would I do this when no other Power Seller is willing to divulge their real secrets? The answer is simple. My business outside of eBay grew large enough that I no longer need eBay. I used eBay to build my off eBay business and now I keep busy with it full time. I still use eBay and it was my primary income for many years, but today I am not dependent on eBay and I can share my secrets without worrying about anyone competing with me.

Go ahead and use my secrets, I want you to succeed with them.

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Don't Bid On It: eBay Mastery Course
These are the secrets that I discovered in my ten years on eBay that you can use to make money as a seller or save money as a buyer. These are the secrets other Power Sellers refuse to reveal and other authors are Afraid to talk about. This course is for both experienced eBay users and those who have not yet registerd for an eBay account.

This course includes:

  • Don't Bid On It - The secrets of Power sellers Kit
  • Wholesale and Drop Shippers List
  • Importing From China Guide
  • Avoiding The Pitfalls That Catch Most eBay Sellers Without Them Realizing It
  • How To Trade Safely On eBay Guide
  • Everything you need to start your own eBay Business.
  • See the rest of the eBay Mastery course's contents HERE

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Don't Bid On It: Until I tell you how eBay® really works
I am thrilled that you are interested in this program because I love to share my eBay® experiences. Since I joined eBay® in 1998, I have completed tens of thousands of transactions through eBay PayPal. As a seller, I learned what works and what does not. As a buyer I learned how to obtain the best price without falling victim to a scam. I have no doubt my advice will help you become a better buyer and seller on eBay® and I know I can save you a lot of headaches with the seven keys to avoid being scammed.

Don't Bid On It: Demonstration Video
Sometimes there is no substitute for seeing it yourself. Our Don't Bid On It book has all of the details you need to use eBay, but the Video actually shows you how it works.

Scams and Scoundrels: Protect yourself from the darkside of eBay® and PayPal
Stop taking chances when you buy on eBay. Scams and Scoundrels explains how scams on eBay work and how you can easily avoid them. Once you are aware of a scam, it stands out like a sore thumb. You are in trouble if you don ’t know what to look for. Even the most intelligent and careful person can fall victim to a well crafted scam. Learn to trade in safety.

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Learn To Win
Too many books tell people how to bid..your book actually explained how to win. Mary E. Washington DC



Hard Hitting...
I read a couple of other eBay books and after reading your's I see that those others were just feel-good fluff. Your book[Don't Bid On It] really laid down the law when it comes to auctions. I am really glad you shared your inside will help me make a lot of money selling on eBay now
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